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Always and essential

Minimal Always: Insect repellent, water, backpack, footwear, smat phone or camera, raincoat, airtight bags or Ziplok, personal medication.

Clothing for light hiking

For a slight hike in the area with well-marked paths and without any difficult passage advise slippers or shoes, shirt and shorts, insect repellent, water, telephone smat, rucksack backpack cover and personal effects, any medicines, raincoat, airtight bags or Ziplok .

Clothing for moderately difficult hike.

A range of mid-level implies a dress code in areas with marked trails and not, with passages of average difficulty. We require a minimum of agility, preparation and technical equipment. We recommend: long pants convertible to shorts, hiking shoes, long or short sleeve t-shirt, water repellent, phone and camera, rucksack backpack cover, personal belongings, raincoat, airtight bags or Ziplok.

Abbigliamnento challenging hike for day / night

A forexcursions demanding needs of a heavy clothing, to penetrate deep in the forest and to avoid damage by plants and animals. The forest is a wild and amazing place to which we must always be very careful. It requires a good physical preparation. Required: Long pants, high boots, long socks (to include the pants), long-sleeved or short, good quality repellent, water, phone, camera (possibly not bulky), Machete (if you know how to use) knife, a change of clothes, backpack good capacity (but not bulky) backpack cover, bags or airtight Ziplok, personal effects, and torch lights to head with any spare batteries, and a good raincoat.
Opsionale: aid kit, survival kit, gps, rainfly

IMPORTATISSIMO: You need a lot of care and caution in where you put your hands and feet. Listen categorically advice and indications of Guide.

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